Frequently asked questions

Yes, 100% Legitimate & Legally Registered Under United States Incorporation Law, with Dodd-Frank Act of 2007 (As New York incorporation), Read our Privacy Policies & Terms & condition in Footer Section of the website.

Yes! As we are charging very less fee to exchange, also if we transfer "To" or "From" any e-wallet they'll always charge us. This is the main reason to have MOQ which always depends on the wallet.

We always try our level best to charge you less as much as possible. That's why we've different rates for every particular e-wallet. 

You can easily check the exchange rates from here.

Swap.Cash is the best e-currency exchange company and well known free e-wallet provider to transfer your funds from anywhere around the globe. We're also an online service provider that helps everyone to Buy, Sell or Exchange any e-currency of their choice, also user can Send & Receive money within their Swap.Cash accounts with the best rates. Read More

Yes, without a single doubt, all of them are trustworthy. Every electronic currency exchange service was thoroughly investigated before we included it to our website.

Besides, we control due performance of exchange services. If our users start experiencing problems with a certain exchanger, we will temporarily exclude such exchanger from the rating unless the issue is resolved. Any user can publish a negative testimonial if he/she faced a problem while working with a certain exchanger. Majority of the exchangers cooperate with our monitoring and can quickly deal with the issue, and when it is resolved - post a comment directly at Swap.Cash.

Please write us to

Thank you for your cooperation.

We want to know with whom we are dealing with, in order to avoid scamming.

No, it is not necessary for you to have a bank account with our bank. You can simply go to any bank branch in your location and deposit cash to our bank account.

After the payment you'll receive the 25-digit Order id. on your transaction history page. Through which you can check the status of your transaction.

Back to the same source only by which you have paid us, because our auto portal always revert the transaction.

You should directly need to contact our support team, so that an operator could catch the transfer and cancel it as soon as earlier. After 24 hours Swap.Cash will not be responsible for any loss. 

It usually takes 2-4 business days. 

However we always try to delivery funds as soon as possible.

We don't have any issue with that. We will never ask you a single question while cancellation.
However, all you need to inform us within
4 hours after the payment is done. 

Normally, all payments were processed within 24 hours to 48 hours, but for the first-time user it takes almost 2 to 4 business days based on the bank details provided by the user. 

Also, all e-wallets usually takes maximum 48 hours to complete the transaction.

We apologize for that! however we always try our level best to transfer money within the given time frame, only in few conditions it takes some extra time.
In case we are unable to process your order within 48 hours, our automated system will refund your money.

We can proudly say this.

Yes, we're offering our exchange services to the world.

However, bank transfers are only available within few countries as of now.

We've our own affiliate program through which user of Swap.Cash can earn a good amount of money.
Other than this we do not participate in any other projects.

No, we are not affiliate or linked with any kind of third party website or individual person, we just offer our own secure payment gateway & wallet.

We never charge high exchange fee as compare to other exchangers or payment processors for a Buy, Sell or Exchange service.

Without waiting long time and paying high cost, you can convert your digital money (E-currency) from one payment processor to other.

It will be great if you contact the support team. Thank you

Yes, we need Identity & Address Proof of the Customers, only in case if amount is more than the maximum limit allowed.

To avoid fraudulent e-currency transactions & money laundering.

In case any user wants to Buy/Sell or Send/Receive e-currencies below the maximum limit allowed, we will never ask you for verification.

You can easily upload the scan copy through our verification page.

We accept scan copies of your identity & address proof documents only in .img/.jpeg/.jpg/.png.